Kristen Stepanczuk MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

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Who I help

I specialize in working with current college students, recent graduates, and young professionals who are dealing with stress, anxiety, and big life changes.

Why do I specialize

So that I can guarantee the very best counseling services to you.

Often within the counseling world, college students and twenty-somethings get lumped in with the rest of adult counseling. I think that’s a significant mistake. There’s a big difference between what you’re dealing with in your twenties and say what someone your parent’s age may be facing.

Your twenties are a period of critical growth and development, screw it up and it’s a lot harder to be successful in your thirties, forties, and beyond. Master your twenties and you’ve set the stage to live your best life. Your twenties are also a time of constant change, challenge, and uncertainty.

Now, this isn’t to say you’ve got to be perfect, goodness no! In fact, you absolutely have to make mistakes during this time. After all, making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process.

But I bet you’re totally cool with making mistakes…oh wait, you’re not? Go figure. It sucks to be sure. No worries, I can help. I’m a recovering perfectionist, or as I like to say, “A perfect imperfectionist.” And with my expert hand guiding your way you can be imperfect too!


In 2016, I was awarded the Bloomsburg University Legacy of Leadership award for demonstrating outstanding leadership and service within the counseling profession and the greater community of Pittsburgh.

Recently, I facilitated a book club for young adults discussing Meg Jay’s The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now, and have been featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Parenting Magazine.

My professional presentations include:

Laugh Out Loud: Health Benefits of Laughter & Positive Emotion. (April 2015)
Our Clubhouse, Pittsburgh, PA

What is Laughter Yoga All About? (October 2013)
Gilda’s Club Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA

Live, Love, Laugh: Implementing positive psychology, wellness, and humor to empower patients and optimize your personal well-being and health. (March 2013)
Advanced Concept Series, Nursing Education Department
St. Margaret’s Hospital of UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA


Here’s the nitty gritty educational and credentialing bit (just to assure you that I’m for real legit):

I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bloomsburg University and then went on to obtain my master’s degree in counseling with a minor in sports and exercise psychology from West Virginia University.

I am in good standing as a Licensed Professional Counselor to practice counseling within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and have over 10,000 hours of professional counseling experience under my belt.

My professional memberships include the American Counseling Association and Pennsylvania Counseling Association, and I currently sit on the Bloomsburg University Alumni Board of Directors.


I was once fired for “being too positive” and my blood type is literally “B+.”

By all accounts, I’m a happy, healthy, and successful thirty-something. I have a wonderful wife, two amazing daughters, good friends that’ll tell me when there’s food stuck in my teeth, and a job that I love.

It wasn’t easy getting to this point, but so totally worth it.

Now I get to utilize my education, professional training, and personal experience to help others successfully master their twenties and live their best lives.

Let me help you on your path.

Are you ready to get the results you deserve?

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We bring the fun...clients are often surprised to discover how much they really enjoy the counseling experience.


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