Expert Counseling for Your Twenties:

Helping College Students, Graduates, and Professionals

Counseling Services in our Bethlehem Office

We provide counseling services within our Bethlehem office specializing in helping college students, recent graduates, and young professionals who are dealing with stress, anxiety, and big life changes. There’s no one size fits all strategy. Here, counseling is tailored to meet your needs. During your first appointment, we’ll discuss your goals and formulate a step-by-step action plan to guarantee success. From there we’ll meet regularly in order to evaluate your progress, address any barriers that came up along the way, and ensure that you continue moving forward. Recognizing that your time is valuable our counseling is designed to be short-termed and dynamic. The majority of our clients need 12 sessions or 6 months on average to achieve their counseling objectives.

young professional in the business world.

We Help College Students

  • Adjust well to new life on campus
  • Master test and performance anxiety
  • Discover how to save time and study for success
  • Become organized and live more balanced
  • Effectively deal with relationships
  • Determine whether to stick it out or transfer schools
  • Bounce back from a bad semester
  • Decide what to do post-graduation
  • Launch positively into the real world

We Help Recent Graduates

  • Figure out your next move: pursue graduate school, take a gap year, volunteer or travel,  work and then go back to school?
  • Navigate graduate program applications: how many graduate programs do I need to apply to?  How best to explain a subpar GPA? Should I address a failed grade or withdrawal on my transcript?
  • Obtain your first job: is my resume helping or hindering me? How to successfully search for and apply to jobs? Tips for acing my job interview?

We Help Young Professionals

  • Achieve professional success
  • Handle difficult bosses and colleagues
  • Communicate confidently and assertively
  • Determine whether to continue working or change jobs immediately
  • Learn the right way to quit a job
  • Rally from an unexpected job loss
  • Tackle responsibilities head on
  • Excel in building new relationships and dating strategies
  • Attain work-life balance and meaningfulness
  • Implement insider strategies for finding the ideal job

Ready to make changes?

We have an approach that gets results. Helping college students, recent graduates, and young professionals dealing with stress, anxiety, and big life changes.